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car air purifier

Enjoy clean air on your journey

The TEQOYA Nomad car air purifier accompanies you everywhere and provides you with clean air in your vehicle. Filterless and eco-responsible, it effectively fights against pollutants, bacteria, viruses, allergens, cigarette smoke and odours contained in the passenger compartment. Portable and discreet, the car ionizer uniformly diffuses negative ions throughout the passenger compartment.

  • No filters to change

  • Quiet: 0 dB

  • Almost zero power consumption: 1 Watt

  • No filters to change

  • 5 years warranty

  • Made in France

  • Design, compact and portable

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Breathe healthy air

The TEQOYA Nomad is the air purifier that accompanies you on your travels and offers you healthy air at all times. Lightweight, compact and quiet, it is portable and intended for personal use.

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Easy to use

Maintenance-free and with no filters to change, the device attaches to the ventilation grid with support provided and plugs into the USB port of your vehicle.


TEQOYA Nomad is also for personal use. Suitable for travel, it is easily transportable and usable wherever you are with the optional Indoor Kit accessory, creating a bubble of pure air around you.

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Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The devices are made with environmentally friendly materials.


Our cardboard and paper come from an FSC sector.

The packaging of TEQOYA products is recycled and recyclable.

The TEQOYA range of ionizers is 100% designed and manufactured in France, with no scheduled obsolescence.

Efficiency verified and tested

Tested and approved by the Carcept Prev foundation (Klesia Group), a brand of social transport protection, following a national study carried out on 50 truckers equipped with the car model.

The efficiency and harmlessness of the devices are verified by independent laboratories Intertek and Certam.

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Features of your TEQOYA Nomad
air ionizer

Advised surface: All types of vehicle (private, utility and truck)

Negative ions production: 120 000/ cm³ (1 m from the device)

Ionic optics: 6

Noise level: 0 dB

Ozone level: Ozone-free*

Certifications: CE CEM safety, ozone-free

Power consumption: 1 Watt

Power input: 12 Volts DC

Dimensions: 9.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 4.5 cm

Weight: 0.1 kg

Warranty: 5 years

Pack content: 1x ionizer, 1x vehicle support

                        1x USB cable, 1x user guide

* Patent pending, measured by independent laboratories Intertek and Certam